Artificial Insemination Procedure

Artificial Insemination Procedure

Artificial Insemination Procedure

Artificial insemination is an option for those couples that are having a hard time conceiving a child on their own. While this may be a viable solution to a stressful situation, this is not a process that will be complete in one day. The artificial insemination procedure is lengthy and it is important to understand how things work before you decide if this is the solution for you.


In order to begin the process you and your partner will need to go through physical exams. This will include blood work for each of you. The doctor is also going to request a sperm sample from the male. Keep in mind that if the male has a low sperm count then the doctor may ask for more than one specimen.


Some doctors will ask that you take fertility drugs. Now, this is not required in many cases. But, it can increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant through the artificial insemination process. When you are taking medications the doctor could ask that you have regular ultra sounds and blood work. This is necessary to ensure that your eggs are developing properly. There are other doctors that will ask that you pay attention to your ovulation cycles. This can be done by monitoring your cervical mucus or it can be done by taking your temperature.



Third, the sperm will need to be prepared in order for the insemination process to take place. When the sperm is collected it will be washed and then concentrated down. This is done in order to help increase the chances of becoming pregnant. The washing takes place in order to remove any toxic chemicals that could make it difficult to become pregnant. Most people do not realize it but washing the sperm can also decrease any uterine cramping that could take place.



Once the actual procedure is ready to take place it will be very quick and painless. You will start by lying down like you would for a pelvic exam. A speculum is then inserted and the sperm will be prepared for implantation. A catheter and a syringe will be used to get the sperm up into the cavity of your uterus. There are many times when a cervical cap will be placed in your vagina in order to help keep the sperm near the cervix. You will be expected to stay laying flat for approximately 30 minutes. It may be nice for you to have a friend, or your partner, with you to help keep you relaxed.

Possible Donors

Now, there could be times when you might want to use donor sperm rather than your partner’s sperm. This is not uncommon when it comes to artificial insemination. This can be an option if your partner has a low sperm count or their sperm is of low quality. You may also consider this if your loved one has a genetic disorder and you do not want to pass this to your child. Some single women will even decide to do this in order to have a family of their own.


Even though artificial insemination can be highly successful for some women it is important to understand that this procedure can become expensive. It is always best to speak with your doctor about what is going to be included in the procedure and what you may need to pay for in addition to the procedure. For example, if you need to take medications you could end up paying for these out of your own pocket. If you need to have an ultrasound it may not be covered. Donor sperm is another expensive that you have to think about if you do not have a donor. Many insurance companies will pay for this procedure but it is always best to check with your insurance carrier first. There may be a way to work out a payment plan, or financing, with the clinic as well. It is always a good idea to make a list of questions like this that you can discuss with your doctor at your initial visit. Having all of the facts can certainly decrease any stress you might be having and make it easier to relax when you decide to have the procedure completed.

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