Artificial Insemination at Home

Artificial Insemination at Home

Understanding Artificial Insemination at Home

Those individuals that are trying to become pregnant through artificial insemination may want to consider artificial insemination at home. This is certainly an option that you have and it could end up saving you a great deal of time and money. Just consider what you would have to pay a professional do to this for you. Think about the amount of time you will be spending away from home while you go to the doctor’s office for the procedure. There are certainly benefits to at home artificial insemination kits.


Anyone that is considering trying this on their own will want to know how to do artificial insemination at home. You will want to start by making sure that you have the correct supplies. Purchase a needless syringe from the drug store. If you are able to find one that is at least 4 inches or longer then that is what you should purchase. Be sure to buy one that has a plunger because it will work better than the bulb.

Next, you will need to get a clean and sterile glass or plastic cup. Have the man ejaculate inside of this. Keep in mind that you will most likely have better luck getting the semen out of cup so if you are able to find one of these it will be better. Draw back the syringe with nothing but air and let it out. The next time that you draw back the syringe you will need to have it placed into the sperm. Try to use your finger and tap out any air that may be in the syringe because you do not want to inject this into your vagina when you are ready to inject the semen.



Find a comfortable position where you can rest for approximately 30 minutes. It is best if you can rest on your back with your hips raised, or you need to be on your side. Be sure that you are in a position that is comfortable for you so that you are not moving once the procedure has started.

Begin to insert the syringe into your vagina. Do this slowly so that you can get it as close to the cervix as possible. You want the sperm to coat the outside of the cervix. Be sure that you are doing this slowly so that you do not cause the sperm to flow out of the vagina. If you do this to quickly you may also find that the sperm will spray away from the cervix and you will defeat the purpose.

If you are not sure how to start this process, and you cannot find the supplies you need, you might want to consider purchasing a kit. These can be found online or you may even be able to speak with your doctor about one. When you consider the artificial insemination at home success rate you may be disappointed to find that it is hard to develop a number. This is because there are so many variables that come into play. However, there some things that you can do in order to increase your chances of success.


Increased Success

First off, if you are able to have an orgasm while you are injecting the sperm you may be able to increase your chances. When you have an orgasm the cervix will dip into the vagina pool. This is necessary to help suck up the sperm. This could also help speed up the flow of the sperm.

Second, consider purchasing an at home ovulation kit. Using one of these can help you determine when you should carry out the artificial insemination process. If you are ovulating you will have a higher success rate. Ovulation kits can be purchased at your local pharmacy for use at home. These can be expensive but they can also be very helpful.

In the end, it is very important to remember that artificial insemination is not a guarantee. You may need to go through this process numerous times before you are able to conceive. If you have been trying to become pregnant for several months, and you have not been successful, you may want to contact your doctor.

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